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Del Paso's belief in uniqueness has become part of the club's ethos.  Without that, all of the changes that have occurred over ten decades would not have succeeded. The Club and its members, continue to be a dynamic part of Sacramento's rich history and promising future.

2006 - The New Course

With Kyle Phillips' masterfully designed course, a new era of golf at Del Paso Country Club was born.

1916 - The Clubhouse

A view of the brand new clubhouse from the mud surface of Marconi Avenue

1919 - The Smith Brothers from Carnoustie

MacDonald Smith (shown above), one of the greatest golfers in the early years of the pro tour, served as assistant pro under his brother Jim.

1921 - Stu Upson & Joseph Stephens

Two of the Club's founding fathers pose with their wives before hitting the first shots on the club's newly planted golf course.

1931 - Night Putting

An enduring tradition of night-putting tournaments started when the lights were put around the practice putting green.

1941 - High Spirits

Through the depression and war, Del Paso's club leadership seemed to create a sense of camaraderie that defied logic. The spirit remained high even when all else looked bleak.

1949 - "Fore" or "Get the hell out of the way"

Downed pilot surveys the damage to his P-51 after crash landing on the fairway of number seven. The plane skidded for 100 yards and stopped just short of the green.

1950 - Annual BBQ Show

The Summer Barbeque and Show was attended by a record 800 people. Tables of diners were set down the first fairway.

1976 - Aerial Del Paso Country Club

1998 - Aerial Del Paso Country Club

2005 - Course Redesign

After the removal of trees, shrubs and grass prior to the course redesign, Del Paso Country Club was an unrecognizable sea of mud during the construction of the new course.

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